17 feb. 2014

Sosténme el giro

Domador de espirales,
I am not so brave.

Miles de kilómetros
de distancia y
basta un viento.

Deriva, ruta,

Balística peonza
a contratiempo.

Domador de espirales,
I break like glass.

hoy sólo sosténme el giro
(mientras me encuentro).

3 feb. 2014

to weave a cloth

Not until last year I realized
I had swallowed the sun.

It must have been that bitter August drink,
that justified the fog.

The numbness and winter.
The doubt, the doubt, the stone.


It's been the thread pulling out
of the clown,
all the way to everything

After. And after still.

It's been the thread that I'll weave
into cloth.

Of light the string,
that's what you've brought.